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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 22, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> how do we get city hall to listen to the wisdom of our neighborhood and respect our strength what kind of city for the children and grandchildren those are questions those of us in the campaign have been asking around san francisco my name is francisco herrera i'm here to seek our vote to serve as mayor of san francisco in order to redirect the run away housing unit that is devastating the fabric of our community i believe in our wisdom and ability to create a plan and citation that will allows us to develop san francisco into a working family friendly city again, i only have 5 minutes for this vision big deal please for more information visit people's i love san
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francisco i've lived here for almost thirty years and happily married and lucky to raise our family we've paid to and benefits bending from the public schools and parks and walking to and fro work my information as a juicy quit priest nourished me in my faith in humanity address the essential justice i also taught 86 that taught me respect for the worst of conditions and religions my working-class roots for solidarity i learned to bring together seamless competing self-interests are to work with the greater i'm an educator and musician and help people to organize to make budgetary changes to prove the quality of
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life i've gone to many families with the mission playground the physical and spiral health of san francisco depends on those who work here we should be able to live here but month workers nurses and approvals and laborers can't afford to live here our school district rents up to 27 children that highwayless people with jobs in the sunset are live in their cars russian and chinese elderly live in fear of evictions from roshgd to other places radio in constant fear of the ellis act seized by panic will i think the next person sorry to inform you, your live way sold he building that commerce can come together to make sure that to continues to be the world-class community
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of community that is it has always been our goal to bring san francisco back to health and start by eliminating the anxiety we've been experience as we see neighbors and friends and coworkers and city leaders forced out or priced out of city when we betsy carmichael by a housing unit that this is what with makes us to be if it hurts we'll bring it in it is not a god and this is not natural the key problem that affordability we can protect and preserve housing for all san franciscans and produce for affordable housing for those who need it but affordability it not just paying the rented it means access to housing and food and quality care and the knowledge wage and the benefits program a
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transit system we can all use and policing affordability means alternative clean ring with the harmonies of liberty; renewable empowers it creates real market competition and the lowering of the prices so i ask you to join me i compliment as mayor will work on those issues together with my endorsement of local 1021 of seiu and bayer twenty twenty the america federation of teachers and many, many individuals who support us thank you for your support i count on our vote and prayers and very much that we can work together to make a friendly city for working families again in san francisco. >> let's healing continue.
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>> it's been an existing 4 years and mayor we've made a lot of progress when i took appointments we made creation of jobs our top priority and unemployment rates are drog o dropping it is 3.8 percent weighing we've created 76 thousand jobs in across a variety of industries we also invest heavy in our city building the central subway revisiting market street and building new hospitals and reforming the housing and starting construction on thousands of housing your new it neighborhoods are thriving our laboratory are brick and mortar with projects and reshaping the community we're bringing the warriors home to san francisco we're host
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super bowl 50 our giant won a couple of more series that's been a great time for san francisco but this success has create it's on anality alu to meet san franciscans are not shared in the growing prosperity of the city folks are worried about affordable childcare are college for their kids neighborhoods chang so as our committee thrives our focus as evolved i'm focused on make sure this city remains a place for everyone and that's why i'm icon for re-election to make sure that san francisco continues to grow stronger every resident shares in the strength we've set a goal of thirty thousand unit the housing and speculated one
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$.3 billion towards that goal in just this month we've announced the blueprint for 11 though new affordable units on top of we say a campaign kickoff for three hundred and 10 obligation bonds the largest san francisco in history what a tremendous shot in the arm to our efforts to preserve replace and build affordable housing but the issue of affordability extend are far beyond housing for many raising a family in san francisco thapgs to voter we've insured did you universal prekindergarten our all in san francisco i'm working with community leaders across the city to create summer school programs for did kindergarten and eight graders our city budget debated $690 million to help you public schools and our
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philanthropic community continues to temple is it in with million dollars of delores for local schools macro our city affordable making sure our residents have equal opportunity and receive fair pay i've working with the folks for as we strive to create more opportunity for san francisco's matrix and may i have a minute we have to help you residents that are living in the poverty and the homeless i have a renewed focus on the homeless we need to help those who need help and find them shelter and permanent you housing and intervene with those for others earlier this year we established the first of its kind the navigation center for getting the services this is a model that works this week we announced the plan
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to invest $3 million to open a new navigation center around the city to build a successful model we're getting things down thooekd be assured i won't forget by jobs i know skews is a new challenge but honestly the biggest income gap between someone with a job and someone that is unemployed we've exercised great change but not a commitment to each other we are a city everyone belongs that's why i'm running i thank you and i helmly ask for youumbly ask f >> hello, san francisco voters for those who don't know me, i'm
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amy fearing wise i may not be the candidate but after learning about me hopefully, you'll help me win the race i can vote for two other candidates we've formed a collision 1, 2, 3 no matter who you vote for join me in that concludes my report the system development we want for our city and economy join the seiu 1021 and a growing list of people including the sf tenant tea sf party and the number one enforcement from the women and richmond and the mary democrat visit think twice for enforcement discussing tops as
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clean power and enforceable airbnb protection and sustainable development and protection for tenants and organizations and proposals to support and grow our african-american population i am a bay area person my apartment worked union jobs i was the first generation to go to college i worked as a service provider in the fields of mental health and pretty good i moved to san francisco in 2007 nor a job as a sustainability to support the triple bottom line for an equal opportunity i have learned a master degrees from sf state in 2010, i initiated aid developed an award-winning process for the public administration that commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell connects innocence to others for planning
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and communication for their mission program i become activity it politics in 2011, i joined people in the chase bank they displaced two individual i learned the policies to protect culture and biz in 2011, i said, yes to my backyard when i found the neighbors of embarcadero i led a participatory process to revitalize worked citywide network for a dormant kindergarten and helped for sustainable if elected i'll treat this like a true crisis and strengthen people from displacement and cost effective solutions for interim solutions and implement new strategies for
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investing that endangers san francisco to speed up the process learn more and ask the media to interview me my st. francis challenge and my proposal to prevent evictions our current mayor has shown an interest as mayor i'll support the power through jobs and industries that link our public educations with foundations that support them and an interest in making san francisco a leader and support a balance if black lives matter it should be an issue the african-american population as declined under 5 percent and 50 arrests are made within the population we need prosperity rather than pipelines to prison for our african-american community and advocate for the cost effective programs and reduce crime the
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mayoral election is the perfect time to look at approaches to achieve sustainability and liveability outcomes for the neighborhood let's start repairing and spear the shape of local government building lifeboat and strategy integrate the spirit of st. francis in the san francisco policy and get excited about the sustainable future of the city we love by electing powerful lifrdz let's make history vote 1, 2, 3 to have elect the power candidates think twice elect. >> my name is stuart schuffman a travel writer and tv host but
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more importantly a citizen of this town i wrote something for you i think you'll enjoy a little bit about me. >> some is a special place a place we never leave the house without layers it is getting to work in 80 degrees and want to drink a beer in the park we regularly dance in the street people mean everything it is a masking place no matter where we go we make local heros and like we see people walk around in bondage gear or go nothing at all we hear people have 2 better than us san francisco a place for people who don't belong millionaire in latino-american we said colonel to san francisco and people around the country that is a great place to be san
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francisco is your home and artist and musicians and freaks needs a platt place to be themselves you belong in san francisco we live in a heartbreaking place a place are 98-year-old ladies are served with evictions and venues shouted their noise is too loud we walk the streetcars worried about stepping in human waste and our officials are corrupt it is truly honestly not funny it is so not funny is hurts more importantly we live in a place where people believe they can make a difference and look at the world we can do better who truly honestly care about the city they live in and want to see it shine we're the people that make noise when our neighbors are evicted and march through city hall we are the
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lucky to challenge the mayor and the one this is our god damned city we're not going anywhere their city needs you all you have to do is safe this place is care and vote there's a coalition of candidates fighting for you and san francisco we join together in a movement call 1, 2, 3 that traffic signals mayor, i work to get a chance to get the mayor out of office on election day vote stuart schuffman in any order this is your dhan for san francisco think about how much is not for you i'm running for mayor excellence clean up up poop on the street and plus a i put a one percent tax on all new construction and
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tackle corruption in sacramento and also pie spart the office of public advocates that is actually individually investigate corruption more importantly really seriously tackle homeless we can't escape them under the russel rug we have a super bowl coming 70 person were san francisco residents before they also on the streets our solution so on november 3rd think about me stuart schuffman and thank you >> (clapping). >> thank you at all very much
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can you hear me i'm to say good evening and that's correct a lot for being here it's wonderful to see people in san francisco readers ♪ mayoral race it good for your city that means you get informed and go out and inform your family and friends less get start as you may know as you can see we have 6 candidates for mayor presents theaters here's the format you'll use the candidates have within minute to answer questions if you the audience submit and as well as questions submitted spot league of women voters we are talking about w wwwdot sf each candidate about answer each question rebuttals maybe included in the candidates closing arguments in which they're given two minutes for
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that closing arguments the time keepers timekeeper those are the time keepers hold up a yellow scarred could a signify the candidates have 15 rectangles remaining and red card when is it the time to stop i, we very nice i've arraigned if karen but i'll contrary my throat and say thank you. okay we'll premeditate and deliberate to the questions you the audience have submitted as i indicated every candidate will answer every in question he will each have one minute to answer those questions let us begin >> let's see. >> what will be good let's start with this one okay global climatic is in the news
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for here in conditional california we can't get water and as east coast they've got too much so we'll start with ted graham the first question how will you supports ratepayer choice for renewal energy through clean power first of all, thank you to the legacy for doing this. >> i believe to the sierra club i'm front yard in xhern board of governor's and water and is species dwelling on the earth's earth aim particularly interested in making sure that we don't leave the world for our children any worse off than we received it is a high priority for me to support all of the environmental
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energy savings and water conservatism that we can. >> i don't have a specific plan but like i said, i broken to a number ever organizations that have plans and support all those causes. >> thank you very much mr. herrera. >> bulgs and good evening and just for the leads maybe next time we'll have more translation equipment for the spanish and schienz and others speakers just a note of suggestion very happy to be here thank you to the league for this forum i'll support by voting yes on prop h and no on prop gi plan
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to work with clean power for eric brooks and some of the folks have already messed up to work the platform every 200 people to are a 12 year plan we can work toerthd, and, secondly, i'll advise everybody to start watching cow cow conspiracy of fracturing the earth apartments management of cows. >> thank you very much mayor ed lee. >> thank you let me begin by saying thank you to the leasing e league of women voters and ellis for the hosting and the audience those who that are here and watching as well i think the best way i'll support rates as well clean power would be to support of efforts that are done with our san francisco puc right now as we speak they're working on
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producer bathrooms to present to the public in san francisco and they're going the homework wanting to make sure it is twul green that is produced on a sustained basis fluorescence a way that rate payers have a choice and a good choice to support our environment ensue making sure we have greener alternatives than the ones in the that i have segment i'll support speak make sure that is done and make sure those alternatives are present properly to the voters. >> thank you very much mr. martin and i'll echo the sentiment of thanks for hosting us here and i think clean power is really important to the city of san francisco in terms of of getting to to place to get access to fully renewable pasture it is something in the city we've innovate had access we've saw is true in the board of supervisors discussion a few
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years ago and sat interest so we need to make sure wear moving forward and taking action an clean power and i think clean power in its current state didn't go far enough to actually turn clean power into a program that billions a mesh network of renewable solar and winds we in the sfichg on rooftops to have a better smiting. >> thank you, mr. she tell lands. >> thank you so much for having me and interesting to so so many people here democracy you know i'm not going don't lie expertise is not in clean power that is san francisco the college movement found it's space and competently sells there are enough people that are
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working on to to make that a greener country and planet and san francisco is the future where it all comes from mites what i got for you. >> thank you, ms. wise and grassroots thursday, october 8, 2015, democracy is alive and well, i'm happy to the people coming out and appreciate active to the league of women voters i moved in san francisco so work on the strategy for the trip bottom of people and equitable profit for larger corps i almost didn't take the job but when i heard person work with matt this administration with the current mayor held bye bye using a political maneuver to not set the rates for the clean power for over a year and a half i feel like lip service i am happy
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to incorporate uc sf for a beacon for sustainable emergency in the entire globe. >> thank you very much (clapping.) and keeping with the theme of our environment the next question is and it will go to mr. herrera first, the current transportation infrastructure in san francisco is inadequate to accommodate the rapid influx by the unbridling building boom can everyone hear. >> yeah. that really has shown a lack of planning and vision i think we need to start by mid-market i limiting where those buses travel they are creating a real possible not only for the community we need
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to hold them at a space where we can meet the workers at the elm the city we need to have them and i'll work hd to have them pay into the public common goodwin good so they will, help create a better muni for all workers and doing a great service this corporate cheating and welfare called the tax breaks didn't work it creates a two tier among working people thank you. >> (clapping.) mayor ed lee i believe that our city is more than interested in municipality modes of transportation including bikes and good packets and muni and ryder and other modes i think we ought to support all those efforts to the doing everything we can and put together transportation 2030 to look this
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and see when the city needing and they've articulated for the city not only a vision but ways to get to the transportation but we do nooes need infrastructure money i'm a true believable in making sure we extend the central subway to affairs we need have more subway systems and the second bart tube and caltrain electric if i had and the federal government and state governments from cap & trade to more transit infrastructure monies (clapping.) thank you very much. >> mr. martin. >> that's great to hear actually transportation is my passion for the last ten years on the boards of san francisco san francisco transit ryder's and moving as we see the development happening in san francisco we really have not not
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keeping pace with the transportation 40 years ago every single building in san francisco has to be putting money both creating the transportation office of the city administrator offsets that we're going to create the problem we've seen in development in san francisco is the development itself is happening two us not by us so what happens from that, we here on behalf of the appellant, you know, we'll say no we don't like the developments and transportation is much is a critical discussion i can't talk about in a minute that goes throughout the city and region and growing transportation we need to ask him to make that happen and i met my everyone first serious girlfriend on muni i love muni it is using mass transit and money not like us and exercise how to be


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